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The ‘Logistics for Europe’ event convened logistics industry representatives, European lawmakers, and experts to discuss critical issues in the freight transport sector. The event tackled key topics, including customs reform in the EU, representation for SME importers, the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), and the impact of emission reporting requirements on European supply chains and competitiveness.

The event will touch following topics.

Setting the Scene: Europe in the World:
– Addressed the EU’s economic security strategy and its impact on global sustainable economic growth.
– Discussed legislation requiring companies to report on social and environmental information when sourcing globally.
– Examined how these factors influence the competitiveness of the European economy on a global scale and resilience building against supply chain shocks.

EU Customs Reform:

– Explored the European Commission’s proposals to reform EU Customs.
– Discussed the expanded role of customs in enforcing non-fiscal rules, such as health, environment, security, and safety.
– Considered the impact of these changes on SME importers and exporters, as well as customs representatives.
– Explored methods to facilitate business operations with reduced investment and administrative burden while ensuring compliance with customs regulations.

Reporting Requirements – Risks and Limits for Business:

– Focused on new reporting standards introduced by legislation like the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and due diligence.
– Addressed how businesses are preparing to meet stringent reporting standards, emphasizing the need for tighter collaboration within supply chains.
– Explored the challenge of balancing business facilitation and market liberalization with the increasing administrative burden resulting from new reporting obligations.
– Considered the impact of these requirements on the competitiveness of European companies, including SMEs, during uncertain times.

The event aimed to foster a constructive dialogue on these vital issues, bringing together various stakeholders to address the complexities of compliance and competitiveness in the European logistics and transport sector.