In her speech, President von der Leyen claimed that the Commission proposes further export bans worth more than €11 billion, to deprive the Russian economy of critical technology and industrial goods, for instance vital goods such as electronics, specialized vehicles, machine parts, spare parts for trucks and jet engines. The Commission is also targeting goods for the construction sector which can be directed to Russia’s military, such as antennas or cranes.

Moreover, it will further restrict the export of dual use goods and advanced tech goods, and proposes controls on 47 new electronic components that can be used in Russian weapons systems, including drones, missiles, helicopters, as well as on specific rare earth materials and thermal cameras.

President von der Leyen eventually noted that this will be the toughest sanctions ever introduced by the European Union. The aim is to have, together with G7 partners, further significant sanctions in place by February 24 – exactly one year after Putin launched his imperial war.

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